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John + Ellen // The Woods Chapel

When I grow up I want to be like Ellen and John. They are both extraordinary individuals filled with love, kindness, principle and purpose. So of course they’ve decided to use their gifts and careers helping others as physicians. Together they are best friends, equals, and killer dance partners! I can still feel the energy and overflowing happiness from their celebration and it was an honor to bottle some of it up to be remembered forever. Like always I have a million favorite moments from the wedding weekend but their film, through their words, says it better than I ever could. Congratulations Ellen and John! You’re an inspiration and example for us all. As a team you make the world a better place, and I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things this next chapter has in store! Special thanks to The Woods Chapel for the ceremony and The Solar Arts Building for the reception. It was also an honor to shoot alongside Chad Husar.


Grace + Mike // Minikahda

Marriage is about two people deciding to journey through life together as a team, and I can’t think of a better team than Mike and Grace. As the father of the bride so eloquently said, “You have discovered a soul and a heart that match your own. You’re at home with one another.” They are best friends, head over heels in love, and share so many of the same admirable qualities. They’re kind, humble, selfless, and know how to celebrate. As a team you go through the highs as well as the lows, together - and they’ve already had their share of both. Although Mike’s dad Tom wasn’t with us in person, his presence was felt the entire weekend. Mike, as well as his siblings, are a testament to what an incredible man he was. From The University Club for the rehearsal dinner, Mt. Olivet for the ceremony, to The Minikahda Club for the reception, each moment was filled with love, significance, and laughter. This was a weekend I won’t soon forget and I’m so grateful to have been there to tell this story. The honor was doubled by the fact that this is the second wedding I’ve done for the brides family and there is no higher compliment than being asked back - thank you! I have a million favorite moments from our time together but I’ll let the film say the rest. Congratulations Grace and Mike, I have no doubt big things are in store and the world is a better place with you two together. 
As always, it was a team effort and special thank you to the incredibly talented Nicolle Sellers of Mother of the Bride for coordination and planning! It was a pleasure to shoot alongside Gina Zeilder. Finally thank you to Fleurisima Flowers, Instant Request DJ, Synergy, Playatta Slow Motion Booth, Schmitty and Sons Trolley, and Buttercream cakes!


Caroline + Ben // Castle Peak Ranch

Where to begin with Caroline and Ben? I knew things were going to be amazing after having filmed Caroline’s sister wedding (Katie + Scott) last summer, but this weekend blew past all my expectations. Eagle Colorado is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, and Castle Peak Ranch with its panoramic views of the rocky mountains might be one of the most stunning ceremony sites you can imagine. Everything was a 10, especially the bride and groom! Their love, friendship, and energy stole the show! Sure, the weather was perfect, the setting basically heaven, and every detail was thought of, but it was the magnetic relationship of these two remarkable people that set the tone for the weekend. From the hike to the dance floor you could feel it! One of my favorite moments from our time together is when we made our way up to Caroline’s pond, they very spot where Ben proposed. Being able to incorporate something with so much meaning in to the story of a wedding film is always such a blast. I have a million more favorite moments but I’ll let their film tell the rest. It was an absolute honor to be asked back, and doubly so to be along for this wild ride! Thank you from the bottom of my heart - this is a weekend I’ll remember forever. Mazel Tov! A huge thank you to Elizabeth and Ryan from EKS events, you and your team knocked it out of the park! It was an honor to shoot alongside Ira Lippke. Thank you also to West Coast Music / Impulse, Premier Party Rental, Aspen Branch, The 10th Vail, and the Sonnenalp Hotel!


Ari + Jenny // Chicago Botanic Gardens

With the backdrop of Chicago, the natural beauty of the botanic gardens, and two best friends who are head over heels in love with each other it’s hard to beat Ari and Jenny’s wedding weekend. I was lucky enough to spend three incredible days with this amazing pair as I captured their celebration all over the city. I have a million favorite moments from our time together but I think their dance might top the list. I learned early on that they had put a lot of work into a beautifully choreographed first dance. Since we had the time, and were in some stunning settings, we filmed a few rehearsals. That footage, combined with the reception performance, helps tell the story of these two remarkable individuals throughout the film and is a perfect metaphor for their future. Moving in sync, side by side, Ari and Jenny being together makes the world a better place. I could say so much more, but of course their film says it all. A huge thank you to Alicia at Clementine Custom Events for coordinating and planning such a perfect weekend. Thanks also to the staff of the Chicago Botanic Gardens, The Chicago Westin North Shore, and Miramar Bistro! I am so incredibly honored to know Ari and Jenny and to have been able to tell their story. Congratulations and Mazel Tov!!!



Maureen + Liam // The Machine Shop

Maureen and Liam had one of those weddings you dream about. It’s a simple formula but makes for an incredibly special weekend - everything was beautiful and everyone came to celebrate! The beauty was taken care of by amazing venues, incredible details, and of course the Bride herself who was stunning! The celebration came from family and friends of course, but also in large part from the Groom - once the dance floor opened, he never left! Maureen and Liam are remarkable individuals and an even better couple. I could go on but the maid of honor, best man, father of the bride and others say it better than I ever could through their heartfelt toasts. So I’ll wrap it up by thanking The Historic Machine Shop, The Basilica, The Minikahda Club and the Northstar band who crushed it as always. A very special thank you to Mi Mi Weddings for coordinating and designing such a perfect wedding weekend! And it was a pleasure to shoot alongside Jennie of Sewell Photography. Congratulations Maureen and Liam! It’s an honor to know you and to have been able to tell this story! 



Nick + Kassie // Aria

Nick and Kassie had a truly magical winter wedding in Minneapolis. They are incredibly kind, accomplished, and very impressive individuals who make a perfect team - oh, and they love Harry Potter - hence all the magic. With the help of Lizie Anne and her amazing team both The Aster Cafe and Aria were transformed into something out of the wizarding world with dramatic, mysterious, and whimsical beauty. And much of the transformation at Aria took place in under an hour as the ceremony location became where dinner and dancing took place - it was very impressive. I know I say this a lot but, this is one of those weddings that just needs to be seen. I have a million favorite moments from our time together. The love, laughter, and celebration were overflowing and it was an incredible honor to tell this story. Congratulations Kassie and Nick!