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Cory + Alyssa // Aspen

Cory and Alyssa are some of the greatest people you could ever meet. They’re incredibly kind, uplifting, and full of life. It was such a joy to be around them and to tell this story. They’re also huge Game of Thrones fans. Sure, their super sweet pup is named Maisie after the actress that plays Arya, but they took it to the next level by doing their ring exchange in Dothraki! However, the most GOT thing about their wedding was the epic backdrop of Aspen mountain. With the ceremony and reception above 11,000ft, and with perfect weather, every moment was stunning and felt like a movie. It also helps that the two protagonists are deeply in love and have surrounded themselves with remarkable friends and family. I have a million favorite moments from their film but near the top of the list is that if you watch carefully you can see the words “I love you” and other words of encouragement being spoken constantly. In-between kisses, first dances, etc their love and excitement as they formally joined their lives together was on display. Special thank you to Kate and her amazing team at Gold Leaf Events for a flawless and stunning weekend. Rabbi Sarick for a truly memorable ceremony. Thank you also to Hotel Jerome, The Little Nell, and The Aspen Mountain Sundeck. Congratulations to a very special couple and after googling some Dothraki I want to say Shieraki gori ha yeraan!

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