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Mike + Allie // Chicago

Allie and Mike’s Chicago wedding was nothing short of a fairytale. With the dramatic backdrop of the city, grand venues, a stunning couple, and a captivating love story I felt like I was watching a movie. However, as cinematic as it was this weekend couldn’t have been more real. Allie and Mike are best friends and you can feel it. Their love radiates through every glance, laugh, and kiss. Throughout the editing and production process I have seen their wedding film many times but I still get chills and am moved. I have a million favorite moments but one that stands out is as Allie approaches Rockefeller Chapel with her dad, her dress being blown in the wind, and the orchestra builds to a crescendo as she’s about to see her groom. Gets me every time. It was a huge honor and pleasure to shoot alongside the incredibly talented Emilia Jane. Special thank you to Bianca and her amazing team at Estera Events for coordinating and planning such a perfect wedding. Thank you also to The University of Chicago, The Ivy Room, and Smith & Wollensky. Congratulations Mike and Allie, thank you for letting me tell your story and a weekend I’ll never forget!


Leela + James // Pittsburgh 


Leela and James had a magical summer wedding in Pittsburgh. The weather was perfect, the venues beautiful, and the couple was glowing! Friends and family filled the dance floor, surrounded them in love, and gave some hilarious and touching toasts. Seeing different traditions and cultures come together is always inspiring. The father of the bride summed up the spirit of the weekend perfectly speaking about the importance of coming together vs. focusing on where we come from. He also had one the best closing lines ever for the newlyweds, “Namaste, I bow to your souls.” Every moment of our time together was filled with color, love, and joy. It was an absolute honor to tell the story of these two incredible people as they joined their lives together. The world is lucky to have them. Congratulations Leela and James! 


Marla + Dan // Ping To My Pong

In the words of their Rabbi Glaser, “The world is a broken place. But we’re doing something great for the world tonight because we’re sending two people who love each other, and work at it, out into the world to show people how it’s done…  We remember that all of life is about repairing a broken universe and you’re just the two people to do it!” Marla and Dan are best friends, deeply in love, and know how to have a good time, all things that make for an incredible wedding weekend - and marriage! It was an absolute honor to tell their story. Mazel Tov! Special thanks to Lindsay Piram Creative for designing, planning, and coordinating this dream weekend. It was a pleasure to shoot alongside Sally from La Vie Photography. Thank you also to The Depot Minneapolis, The North Star Band, Temple Israel, and the Calhoun Beach Club


H + G // Meant To Be

“H + G meant to be” was a phrase I heard throughout Heather and Giuseppe’s wedding weekend and it couldn’t be more true. Seeing these two incredible individuals team up for life is something I’ll never forget. Laughing, holding hands, and being in love it is so clear that they are best friends, cherish each other, and are indeed meant to be. Their family and friends brought their A game with hilarious and heartfelt toasts, dance moves, canon balls and champagne bongs. Every moment of our time together was perfect and filled with the kind of magic a wedding should be. Of course their film says it best so I’ll wrap this up. A special thank you to Sarah and her team at Lasting Impressions for planning and coordinating a dream wedding. Thank you to The Machine shop and its staff for being amazing as always. Thank you to Good for Gary for keeping the dance floor full. And finally it was a pleasure to shoot along side Russell and Kelsey at Russell Heeter Photography. Congratulations Heather and G and thank you for letting me tell your story!


Lily + Ben // Madison

I didn’t go to UW Madison but after being a part of Lily and Ben’s wedding weekend I wish I did - these Badgers know how to party. Just like the couple the entire celebration was bursting with laughter, love, and a lot of dancing - and a little drinking :). The toasts were also a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from extremely heartfelt to comedy central level roasting. However, despite the amazing locations, impeccable details, and an incredible band it was Lily and Ben’s friendship that stole the show. Of course they’re in love but seeing them in action you realize just how much they like each other. Their positive, seemingly non-stop, energy is also contagious and was just a blast to be around. I have a million favorite moments from our time together but they need to be seen, not read. Congratulations Lily and Ben, it was an honor to tell your story and this is a weekend I’ll never forget. A huge thank you to the UW Marching Band, Buckeye the Badger, Camp Randall, Union South, The Boat House, Gold Coast Entertainment and The Edgewater Hotel. Thank you to Lori from LOLA Event Productions for putting all the pieces together and  planning and coordinating a magical experience!!!! It was a pleasure to shoot alongside Kent Drake Photography.


Sharon + Wilson // Phuket, Thailand 

Wilson and Sharon had the most incredible wedding at the Sri Panwa Resort in Phuket Thailand! From hilarious (and painful) Chinese door games, to fireworks illuminating the dance floor, every moment of the celebration was filled with love, laughter, and magic. It was an absolute honor to tell the story of this remarkable couple as they joined their lives together, celebrated with family and friends, and set out on a new adventure together. As an artist I always look forward to filming in a new environment. However, even with a stunning backdrop like Thailand, amidst all the impeccable details and this truly stunning resort, it was the love and friendship between Wilson and Sharon that stole the show! Special thank you to Kate and her team at Bridal Planner Thailand and to the entire staff at the Sri Panwa! Congratulations Sharon and Wilson, this is a wedding and experience we’ll remember forever!