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Hilary + Lindsay // Martha's Vineyard 

What an honor it was to tell Hilary and Lindsay’s story. As an artist naturally some of who I am goes into each film - and I feel like this one is my heart. It exemplifies the best of us, love, inclusion, joy, progress, hope, and the list goes on. This is what I want the world to be and I am so grateful for Hilary, Lindsay, and their incredible families and friends, for leading the way. Martha’s Vineyard is pure magic and throughout the weekend we were given a glimpse of all weather conditions :) The drama of storm clouds on the horizon (and maybe even some thunderbolts) during the ceremony is something I’ll never forget. The backdrop of the island, all the details and venues were breathtaking but couldn’t compete with the love radiating from the happy couple. They are clearly best friends, the definition of a perfect match, and the world is a better place with them together. I have a million favorite moments from our time together but their film says it all - which I still can’t get through without some happy tears. Special thanks to Patrie and the With Grace team for coordinating and planning a perfect weekend. It was a pleasure to shoot alongside Randi Baird whose work is stunning. Congratulations Hilary and Lindsay and thank you for showing us how bright the future is!


Katie + Dan // Chicago

There are so many things I love about Katie and Dan but I think my favorite is that they just love to have fun together. Wether that’s cracking each other up or shutting down the dance floor these two are clearly best friends and the perfect pair. Their wedding weekend in Chicago was filled with love and support from the friends and families. Dan’s reaction of the flower girl stealing the show, to seeing his bride come down the aisle moments later is a perfect example of tears of laughter and joy. I could go on but their film says it all. Special thank you to Dana and her team at Clementine Custom Events for coordinating and planning a spectacular day. As always it was a pleasure to shoot along side Emilia, Natalie and Kyle of Emilia Jane Photography. The venue The Chicago Illuminating Company couldn’t have been better and the band The Gold Coast All Stars kept the party going all night. Congratulations to a truly special couple. I am so honored to have been along for the ride and asked to tell your story. 


Sarah + Peter // Stonington

Most of my work is telling the story of a couple at the beginning their journey. However, what made Sarah and Peter’s wedding weekend so special is that they’ve already written a few chapters. The stunning bride said it best, “…for the past 12 years you have been my best friend. That means close to half my life has already been filled with love, laughs, lessons, hugs, kisses and adventures with my future husband.” Seeing the way they light up, laugh, and look at each other leaves no doubt that these two are meant to be together - and I can’t imagine two better dance partners :) The setting for the celebration was Stonington, CT. From golf, boating, and the main event this charming city was a magical backdrop. Special thank you to Stone Acres Farm, Stonington Harbor Yacht Club, The Stonington County Club, and the Jealous Monk. It was such an honor to get to know this remarkable couple and their family and friends. Sarah and Peter have an impressive history but I can tell they’re just getting started and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Congratulations and thank you for a weekend I’ll never forget! 


Michael + Meaghan // Powder River Ranch

Meaghan and Michael had a wedding weekend that dreams are made of. Expansive vistas, beautiful people, perfect weather, and family and friends that came to party - oh, and horses, lots of horses! As was so eloquently said in their ceremony “love is just a word until someone comes into your life to give it meaning.” Meaghan and Michael’s love is electric and hard to miss. With a truly epic wedding like theirs it would be easy for the backdrop, grandeur, polo team, etc to become the focus. However, amidst all the stunning details it was Meaghan and Michael’s friendship and love that continually stole the show. It’s a weekend I’ll never forget and I am deeply honored to have been able to tell their story! Special thank you to JoAnn and her amazing team at Wedding’s Without Worries and everyone at Powder River Ranch! Congratulations to an incredible couple!


Mike + Allie // Chicago

Allie and Mike’s Chicago wedding was nothing short of a fairytale. With the dramatic backdrop of the city, grand venues, a stunning couple, and a captivating love story I felt like I was watching a movie. However, as cinematic as it was this weekend couldn’t have been more real. Allie and Mike are best friends and you can feel it. Their love radiates through every glance, laugh, and kiss. Throughout the editing and production process I have seen their wedding film many times but I still get chills and am moved. I have a million favorite moments but one that stands out is as Allie approaches Rockefeller Chapel with her dad, her dress being blown in the wind, and the orchestra builds to a crescendo as she’s about to see her groom. Gets me every time. It was a huge honor and pleasure to shoot alongside the incredibly talented Emilia Jane. Special thank you to Bianca and her amazing team at Estera Events for coordinating and planning such a perfect wedding. Thank you also to The University of Chicago, The Ivy Room, and Smith & Wollensky. Congratulations Mike and Allie, thank you for letting me tell your story and a weekend I’ll never forget!


Leela + James // Pittsburgh 


Leela and James had a magical summer wedding in Pittsburgh. The weather was perfect, the venues beautiful, and the couple was glowing! Friends and family filled the dance floor, surrounded them in love, and gave some hilarious and touching toasts. Seeing different traditions and cultures come together is always inspiring. The father of the bride summed up the spirit of the weekend perfectly speaking about the importance of coming together vs. focusing on where we come from. He also had one the best closing lines ever for the newlyweds, “Namaste, I bow to your souls.” Every moment of our time together was filled with color, love, and joy. It was an absolute honor to tell the story of these two incredible people as they joined their lives together. The world is lucky to have them. Congratulations Leela and James!