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Katie + Joe // The Machine Shop

When I’m asked to film any wedding it’s a big deal, but when a family has me back it means the world! I’m honored to tell Katie and Joe’s story and their wedding weekend is one I’ll remember forever. Full of laughter, love, hilarious toasts, and so much more. Winter weddings are always unpredictable and although it was a little chilly for the rehearsal, the wedding day couldn’t have been more ideal. Thanks to Sarah and her amazing team at Lasting Impressions each location was flawless and perfectly appointed - The Machine Shop has never looked better! Amidst all detail, beauty, and celebration the one thing that stole the show was the Bride. Katie was absolutely radiant (and Joe didn’t look too bad himself). I could go on, but their wedding is much better seen than read. Special thank you to Our Lady of Grace in Edina, Interlachen County Club, Jax Cafe, and The Historic Machine Shop. It was also a huge pleasure to shoot alongside Justin from Graddy Photography. There is no doubt in my mind that Katie and Joe are the perfect team and the world is now a better place that they’re together!


John + Em // Interlachen

John and Emily had one of the most beautiful fall weddings at Interlachen Country Club - filled with love, laughter and some killer dancing. Sometimes during the editing process things emerge that I didn’t originally see during the blur of the wedding weekend. For John and Em it’s how they communicate their affection. There is no doubt these two are head over heels for each other, but as the hours of footage began to take shape into their final film I noticed how often they actually said “I love you” back and forth. As if their smiles, eyes, and body language weren't already doing it :) If you watch their film a few times you’ll be able to pick up on it. These two are best friends, totally in love, and it’s hard to miss. Both Emily and John were stunning and the entire weekend couldn't have been more elegant and perfectly appointed thanks to Sally Berry and her team, as well as the wonderful staff of ICC. Both the ceremony and reception were gorgeous, but also in the same location! I’m not sure how they flipped and transformed that space so quickly but they pulled it off. Special thanks also to Cafe Lurcat for an amazing grooms dinner! It was a pleasure to shoot alongside Melissa Oholendt Photography. I have a million favorite moments from our time together but their film says it better than I ever could. It was an absolute honor to get to know this impressive couple and tell their story. Congratulation John +Em!



Annie + Joey // Madison {The Best Day Ever} 

Annie and Joey are some of the most kind, funny, and ready-to-have-a-good-time people I’ve ever met - and together they are everyone’s cheerleader. They embrace life with an enthusiasm and excitement that is contagious. If you’re lucky enough to call them a friend or family member they will spontaneously start chants of your name, give lots of hugs and affection, and make sure to let you know that simply your presence makes it the best day ever! Being around these two is a boost to the ego and soul! It was beautiful to see this gift repaid by everyone at the wedding who came ready to dance, laugh, party, and celebrate Annie and Joey as they began this new chapter in their lives. Our entire time in Madison seemed like one beautiful moment to the next. The weather was ideal, the setting was picturesque, and everything was perfect. There is so much more I want to share but I’ll stop because their film says it all. Special thank you to The Coopers Tavern and The Edgewater! Congratulations Annie and Joey and thank you for the best weekend ever in Madison!!!! 


Jayne + Brant // Detroit Lakes

I filmed my first wedding in Detroit Lakes back in 2011 for Rochella and Derek, and I was absolutely thrilled to be back this year for Rochella’s sister Jayne and her husband Brant! As always DL was stunning - and for a weekend that was supposed to be filled with rain and clouds we couldn’t have been more lucky! From some of the best wake boarding I’ve seen to a backyard grooms dinner that felt like an escape to the Caribbean, the festivities were off to a fantastic start. For the wedding itself Lakeview Golf Course was beautifully transformed! The ceremony was in the middle of one of the most picturesque fairways, and the reception was in a nearby tent which had many incredible personal touches - one of the highlights being the bar which was handmade by Grandpa Dick! In addition to knowing their way around a wakeboard, they also know how to party in DL! The Roosters were amazing and kept the fun going all night. I have a million more favorite moments but they’re much better seen than heard. Jayne and Brant are best friends, the perfect match, totally in love and I couldn’t be more honored to be back in DL to tell their story. Congrats you guys and thank you for everything!


John + Meg // My Buddy By My Side

John and Meg’s wedding weekend was remarkable for many reasons - so much laughter, joy and beauty! However, personally it was extra special as it was the third celebration I’ve captured for Meg’s family - what an honor! Based on our previous experience I knew we were going to have a blast, see two best friends get married, and come away with a really fun story to tell - but even still my expectations were blown away. And I don’t say two best friends lightly. John and Meg have been together for 9 years and if you spend any time around them their love and friendship is immediately apparent. Separately they are very impressive individuals, and together the perfect team! Thank you to Cretin-Derham Hall for hosting a fantastic grooms dinner, and A’BULAE for a spectacular wedding day and reception. A very special thank you to Gingi, the Mother of the Bride, and Meg for planning and coordinating a truly beautiful weekend - every detail was thought of and couldn’t have been more perfect. Finally, it was a huge honor to shoot alongside Laura Ivanova who is such a talented artist and good friend. I have so much more I want to say but their film says it all. Congratulations John and Meg and thank you for letting me tell this story!



Heather + Justin // Maui, Hawaii

I generally spend one or two days with a couple as I tell their story - I was honored to spend almost a week with Heather and Justin as they celebrated with family and friends on Maui, Hawaii. I was allowed in to some incredibly special moments and I’ll treasure our time together forever. Filming on an island brings all sorts of opportunities and challenges. From the Makawao forest to the Makena shoreline this slice of Hawaiian paradise was the perfect backdrop for an epic love story. But as brightly as Maui shined, it was the love Heather and Justin have for each other that stole the show. From every laugh, passing glance, and kiss the depth of their relationship and friendship was on display. They are remarkable individuals, who also make the perfect team, and the world is a better place now that they’re together. Congratulations and Mahalo Heather and Justin! Special thanks to Kara and her team at Your Aloha Wedding Company. Every detail was thought of, perfectly appointed, and went off flawlessly - truly amazing work! Thank you also to Anna of Anna Kim Photography, it is an honor to shoot alongside such a talent who I also get to call a close friend :) Finally, much appreciation to Rio Event Design, Sperry Tents Hawaii, The Four Seasons Resort Maui, SpagoManutea Nui E, The Honua Kai Lani Estate, Mandy Grace Designs, and Ron Winckler