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Brad + Lauren

For me Lauren and Brad's wedding day started at 3:50AM as I hit the road to Delafield WI, a beautiful city just outside of Milwaukee. I caught up the girls at the Delafield hotel as they were getting ready. I knew it was going be an awesome day after just a few minutes with Lauren, her mom, sisters, and friends. I was then able to spend some time with Brad and his crew and knew without a doubt we were going to have a blowout reception later that evening. We did!
Family and friends were a huge part of Lauren and Brad's wedding day. From Lauren's sisters and mom who sang beautifully during the ceremony to her Dad who could barely get through his toast when describing what it was like to see his daughter for the first time on her wedding day. And it seemed as if all the wedding party was as excited and ready to celebrate as the bride and groom were. 
After a beautiful catholic ceremony and picture time around town we made our way to the Legends. (One of my favorite shots might be their bus pulling into the club.) In addition to being just an awesome party, this reception had it all. Seriously! I think I had a smile on my face the whole time, and when I watch the video, because it was such a fun and love-filled wedding. Congratulations Lauren and Brad!



Natalie + Dave

Natalie and Dave had the wedding that dreams are made of. They had two ridiculously beautiful venues and a (windy) but perfect summer day. From the Arboretum to the Varsity to an amazing couple this was truly an epic wedding. 

Natalie is herself a wedding photographer and she managed to stay mostly in front of the lens but she couldn't help taking a few pics throughout the day. One of my favorite things outside of the natural beauty of the day was the combination of love and laughter. Natalie and Dave are clearly deeply in love but also just have a blast being with each other. I can't think of a better combination. Congrats you guys!

Jeff + Melissa

Jeff and Melissa had a beautiful small town wedding in Wells Minnesota. The wedding day was a perfect combination of elegant and fun. Melissa and her gals was stunning, Jeff and his guys were a riot, and we couldn't have had nicer weather. Perfect. One of my favorite parts, which came from out of nowhere, was how the ring bearer stole the show when it came to dancing at the reception. He may have some unorthodox moves but it works. Congrats to Jeff and Melissa! It was a blast to be a part of your amazing day.



Matt + Jenna

Jenna and Matt couldn't have had a more beautiful wedding and reception - which was fitting as they are such a beautiful couple with personalities to match. When I first met Matt and Jenna they had just brought a boxer puppy, Sam, into their family (so naturally I knew they were good people from the beginning.) 

We started the day with their epic first meeting at the church. This was such a special moment and Matt and Jenna's great taste in music really adds to it. Something that really stood out the entire wedding day was how much fun everyone was having. There was a smile everywhere I looked, and especially after the ceremony it was party time. We made a stop at the Westin and the stone arch bridge before heading to the reception which was at the Walker Art Center overlooking the Minneapolis skyline. It was gorgeous and went off without a hitch thanks to Mi Mi Design

Best of luck to Matt, Jenna and Sam as they start their new life together. Go Lightning!


Andra + Blake

Andra and Blake's wedding day started out with a downpour but quickly turned into a beautiful, sunny wedding on the Mississippi River at the Nicollet Island Pavilion. They had taken some video at a party of family and friends prior to the wedding that adds a fun lighthearted start to the beginning of their film.The girls started their day with hair and makeup and some champagne and the guys chose beer, cigars, and a game of dice - for money. I knew it was going to be a fun day. Possibly one which even involved us crashing a segway tour not to mention DANCINNNGGGG TIIIIMMEE! 
From their first meeting, to pastor Joel's words during the ceremony there are some very touching moments a well. One thing was clear, Andra and Blake are a perfect match! 



Andy + Dayna

I was lucky enough to work with this family before so I knew ahead of time that we were in for an awesome day. Everything was beautiful from the Church to the reception at BearPath and the weather was cinematic. There were plenty of emotional moments and some tears were shed, but more than anything this wedding day was marked by laughter, joy and celebration. (Dawn knows how to throw an epic party!) From a SmartCar, to a playground, to a target stop, to the bride carrying the groom, and much more the wedding of Andy and Dayna was a blast and an honor to be a part of! Conragts!