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Omid + Shadi

Omid and Shadi had the most beautiful Persian wedding and it was such an honor to have been able to capture it. As a film maker I love documenting detail-rich environments as well as traditions that are filled with meaning and significance. This wedding weekend was filled with both. From the ornate details, to the lavish gifts, to the knife dance, everything was beautiful and every moment was filled with love and laughter by friends and family. At the end of the wedding day one thing was clear, Persians know how to party! (You can also take a look at their 'our story' picture video that was shown at the reception here.)


Nielle - CeremonI

My wife Emma has been practcing Yoga for years and when we began dating she invited me with on several occasions. I had a handful of reservations but mainly that it wasn't a real workout and that it was something for the ladies. I couldn't have been more wrong. Through this experience I met Nielle. She takes yoga to a whole new level. She is in the process of launching her own business, CeremonI, and asked us to create a trailer for her website. The site is still in the works but here is the video. Enjoy. (Nielle quarterly leads Yoga intensives called PT (personal transformation) Emma and I were lucky enough to attend this summer. It was amazing! Winter PT is Jan 14-16th. For more info email niellearnold@gmail.com )


Ryan + Allison

Ryan and Allison had a beautiful fall wedding day in St Paul. The weather was perfect, the leaves were turning, and the bride and groom couldn't have been more excited to be married and celebrate with family and friends. From the church to the University Club everything was perfect! In her message to Allison and Ryan the pastor encouraged them to "dance, love, live." Somehow I don't think that is going to be a problem for these guys. Congrats!

The amazing photos used in the video were taken by my talented friend Derek Swanson


Andrew + Kate

Andrew and Kate are amazing people, who make a perfect couple, and they had the most beautiful Irish Catholic wedding! I started with the ladies at the Brian Graham Salon downtown and then swung over to St Louis Park to catch Andrew starting his day at their home. We then all made our way to the Church of the Incarnation, stopped for pictures at the stone arch bridge and then ended the day at Minikahda.

What I loved most about their wedding day were the special touches Andrew and Kate added to really make this day their own. Right after the first kiss bagpipes emerged from the sacristy, filling the church with music and leading the newly married couple out. Another example is at every seat for dinner was a lottery scratch off and a penny (luck of the Irish). So cool. In addition to these touches and more, their friends and family played a huge role in celebrating them and making this day a blast. This really comes out in the video, and especially during the reception! It was really the perfect day for the perfect couple. My favorite moment was right after the ceremony as everyone was getting lined up for pictures I noticed that Kate and Andrew had snuck away by themselves in the wings of the church. They were laughing, crying, and making out. What an awesome way to start their lives together! Congrats Kate and Andrew!


Yoon + John

I wasn't able to meet face to face with Yoon and John until the week of their wedding as they live in the tropical paradise of Saipan. However, even before we were able to meet I knew their wedding was going to be a very special day as their family brought me up to speed on what they had planned. They were going to have a ceremony at the Minneapolis Courthouse and then a traditional Korean ceremony called a Paebaek later that evening at their reception. One of my favorite parts of this is when John has to demonstrate his strength and ability to support Yoon by actually carrying her around the room. I loved the idea of embracing both cultures and families in one day. From JUUT, to Brits, to the Courthouse, to the Stone Arch Bridge and finally the Holiday Inn (which Yoon's parents own so if you're looking for a place to stay!) everything detail was beautiful and every moment was filled with love and laughter. I don't think I ever saw Yoon without a smile on her face. It was a perfect day. Congrats!

I am also very thankful to Jason and Tammy for introducing me to Yoon and John. I filmed their wedding video last summer. They are expecting their first child very soon. Congrats as well!


Brad + Lauren

For me Lauren and Brad's wedding day started at 3:50AM as I hit the road to Delafield WI, a beautiful city just outside of Milwaukee. I caught up the girls at the Delafield hotel as they were getting ready. I knew it was going be an awesome day after just a few minutes with Lauren, her mom, sisters, and friends. I was then able to spend some time with Brad and his crew and knew without a doubt we were going to have a blowout reception later that evening. We did!
Family and friends were a huge part of Lauren and Brad's wedding day. From Lauren's sisters and mom who sang beautifully during the ceremony to her Dad who could barely get through his toast when describing what it was like to see his daughter for the first time on her wedding day. And it seemed as if all the wedding party was as excited and ready to celebrate as the bride and groom were. 
After a beautiful catholic ceremony and picture time around town we made our way to the Legends. (One of my favorite shots might be their bus pulling into the club.) In addition to being just an awesome party, this reception had it all. Seriously! I think I had a smile on my face the whole time, and when I watch the video, because it was such a fun and love-filled wedding. Congratulations Lauren and Brad!