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Ben + Kathryn

Ben and Kathryn's wedding day couldn't have been more beautiful. From the Assumption Church, to the Minikahda club and all the details in-between everything - not to mention the bride - was picturesque and stunning. One of my favorite moments of the day was the first meeting when Ben and Kathryn saw each other for the first time. As a Doctor, Kathryn is very detail oriented and sometimes a little matter-of-matter-of-fact, and although she had a great time with the girls at the salon in the morning I was anxious to see if more emotion was going to come through. The second she saw her soon-to-be husband it all changed. It was so clear that everything else faded away and their love and excitement for what was happening could be felt and seen the entire day - even during some impromptu couples yoga! I am so happy for guys and it was such an honor to capture your day. Congrats Ben and Kathryn.


Kirsten + John

It was such an honor to capture Kirsten and John's wedding weekend. From the Minneapolis Club to Interlachen, everything was perfect and could't have been more beautiful - especially Kirsten who was stunning. From the rehearsal dinner to the reception a theme that kept coming up was family - even dinner was intentionally served and passed family style. Relationships are very important to Kirsten and John and it showed, the love and connection between everyone could be felt. During his toast, Kirsten's father said "We'll share this wondrous moment that will go by way too quickly but hopefully will last forever." There couldn't be a better description of what I aim for in my wedding films - to capture such a magical moment and give it life into the future. So sit back, relax, and relive the funny, touching, and beautiful wedding weekend of Kirsten and John.

Brian + Lisa

One of the many reason I feel like I have the best job in the world is because I get to work with people like Brian and Lisa. One of the best words to describe their wedding day is "perfectly balanced." That many initially not sound like the most exciting takeaway but here are some examples. Lisa and Brian working with Kathy and her team at Festivities put together the most beautifully appointed lake Minnetonka island wedding at the Minnetonka Yatch Club. With tents, live bands, creative nautical touches everywhere, and much more - including of course the logistical challenges of getting everything and everyone to the island - even with all of this the day couldn't have felt more laid back and gone more smoothly. Every detail was thought of and yet Lisa and Brian were truly in the moment, celebrating with friends and family as they began a new chapter in their lives together. Another great example of balance is that the day was filled with laughter and tears - from some hilarious speeches to the look on Brian's face as he sees his bride for the first time. Everything was perfect. Well, one thing wasn't exactly "perfect" but made the day even more memorable. The outside temperature combined with the humidity put the heat index above 100 degrees - we were perspiring by 8am - but everyone embraced it together and it really did make the day better in a crazy way. There is so much more I want to say about the Nantucket red pants, Andrew wielding the melted ice sculpture above his head, the announcement of the couple, how awesome the High and Mighty band was, the bar made out of a sailboat, the sunset, and so much more, but I'll stop because more than that I want to see their wedding film and relive their spectacular wedding day. Congrats Lisa and Brian!


Candace + Jonathan

I was so honored to capture Candace and Jonathan’s wedding day in Des Moines. They are such a cool couple and I really wanted to make sure their personalities and the spirit of the day came through in their wedding video. From the many humorous moments to the heartfelt, everything was perfect and shined through. Tears were shed, butts were grabbed, karate was practiced, and the dance floor was torn up like I’ve never seen it before. It was a blast. Congrats Candace and Jonathan!


Molly + Kushal

The best way to describe Kushal and Molly's wedding weekend is fun. Beautiful venues, ceremonies, and events filled with family and friends who were ready to celebrate the love of the happy couple and to have a good time. Their wedding day was intentionally centered around significant locations in their lives. From the Lake Harriet Pavilion where they were engaged, to the basketball courts at Pershing Park where Kushal and his friends grew up shooting hoops, each moment was intentional and again, fun. There was also the beautiful Catholic wedding at Incarnation Church in Minneapolis and some of the best wedding party dancing I've ever seen at the Hilton in Bloomington. Spoiler Alert! As if this wasn't enough there was an amazing Indian ceremony the night before. It was was at the FIVE event center and was so cool. Seriously, knives, coconuts, etc. I decided to use that footage at the end of the wedding video for a Bollywood dance conclusion. This wedding weekend was a blast and I really think that comes through in their video. Congrats Molly and Kushal!


Bobby + Mycah

This was a very special wedding. Bobby is a good friend and has worked with me the past few years on weddings and other projects so it was surreal to see him on the other side of the lens. However, what really made this wedding special is the love that Bobby and Mycah have for each other. They are high school sweethearts and have been together for 7 years. Their relationship is inspiring and it couldn't be more clear that they are a perfect match. We were at Christ Presbyterian Church in Edina which, combined with the weather, made a perfect day. I am so excited for Bobby and Mycah. I love you guys and wish you the best. You're married!