John + Meg // My Buddy By My Side
Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 6:10PM
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John and Meg’s wedding weekend was remarkable for many reasons - so much laughter, joy and beauty! However, personally it was extra special as it was the third celebration I’ve captured for Meg’s family - what an honor! Based on our previous experience I knew we were going to have a blast, see two best friends get married, and come away with a really fun story to tell - but even still my expectations were blown away. And I don’t say two best friends lightly. John and Meg have been together for 9 years and if you spend any time around them their love and friendship is immediately apparent. Separately they are very impressive individuals, and together the perfect team! Thank you to Cretin-Derham Hall for hosting a fantastic grooms dinner, and A’BULAE for a spectacular wedding day and reception. A very special thank you to Gingi, the Mother of the Bride, and Meg for planning and coordinating a truly beautiful weekend - every detail was thought of and couldn’t have been more perfect. Finally, it was a huge honor to shoot alongside Laura Ivanova who is such a talented artist and good friend. I have so much more I want to say but their film says it all. Congratulations John and Meg and thank you for letting me tell this story!


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