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Tony + Jennifer

You just know that any wedding day that begins at 6:04AM with a race is going to be awesome. I was lucky enough to be invited to Fargo, ND to capture the first annual "T&J 2K Run/Walk" at Lindenwood Park, as well as the wedding of Tony and Jennifer. The athleticism didn't stop their either. Jenn who's quite an accomplished basketball player, wedding dress and all, played a little one-on-one with her Dad right before the ceremony. Jenn and Tony really made this wedding day their own. In addition to these unique/fun touches there are some very emotional moments as well. They are truly in love and it really comes through. 

Special thanks to Olivieri's Salon for allowing us to film as well as the very cool Hotel Donaldson in Fargo.


Ragenea + Dave

I had a blast to capturing Ragenea and Dave's wedding, not only because they are an awesome couple but they, with their very talented wedding planner Jaclyn Elizabeth, put together quiet the day! From a sword arch, scavanger hunt, some of the cutest children and babies ever, a beautifully cinematic day at the carlson rotunda with attention given to every detail, very cool swing dancing complete with a wardrobe changes for the guys, live music from the R Factor, and even a proposal after the bouquet toss! It was a beautiful day surrounded by love and fun.


Eric + Stephanie 

First a big thank you to Debra O. Photography for letting us use some of her beautiful images in Eric and Stephanie's wedding video. 
There were so many amazing, cinematic, and love-filled moments that made this day very special and a blast to capture. From very touching toasts, to a grumpy then smily ring-bear, to some country music and margaritas and much more. Congrats Eric and Stephanie!



Spencer + Brittany 

I remember when Spencer called and asked if June 13th was available. Even before I met him and Brittany in person at the studio I could tell they were going to be a very cool couple. From their taste in music, loving family, comfortability around each other, and their willingness to just have a good time and laugh. All of this made for a very memorable, beautiful and most of all fun wedding day (and video).



Matthias + Corinne

The man who insisted they take a picture on their first date incase they would want it in their wedding slide show met the woman who already had her wedding day playlist picked out. I love that! In getting to know them, hear others talk about them, and in having the honor to be with them on their wedding day one thing is clear; these two were made for each other and are a perfect match! Matthias decided to end their amazing day by raising the bar for all future grooms by singing to his beautiful bride - not jut any singing either - a cappella!



Jenna + Grant

I think the best way to describe the wedding of Jenna and Grant is elegant, but with a twist. From the dress, to the horse and carriage every aspect of the day was picturesque. This attention to detail was combined with a contagious smile, a beautiful summers day, a choreographed wedding party dance, and a couple who is head over heals for each other.